SPECIAL OFFERS Mobile Homes: 7 nights = 6 nights (April to late June and late August to late September) 

Avenue de Millau-Plage - 12100 MILLAU (France) 

Tél. + 33 5 65 59 15 13 

E-mail : camping-les-erables@orange.fr 


Ouvert du 01/04/20 au 20/10/20 

- Du 01/04 au 30/06 et du 01/09 au 30/09, accueil ouvert de 8h à 12h et de 15h30 à 19h30 

- Du 01/07 au 31/08 de 08h à 20h
- Du 01/10 au 20/10 de 9h à 11h00 et de 15h à 19h 

- Festival Templiers de 9h à 19h 

Think of reserving at the time of Festival of Templiers and other great events! 

The quality of life to be found in the charming small town of Millau (22,000 inhabitants), will delight you. Well-known for its Gallo-Roman pottery, its glove-making tradition and its viaduct, Millau is surrounded by many beautiul and well-conserved sites. The weekly markets in the old town centre show just how well the local producers and craftsmen have maintained the traditions and know-how of days gone by.


The exceptional surroundings, the beautiful countryside and the ide range of activities available will be the key to the success of your holiday. Don't miss:

- The caves, veritable natural phenomena: you will never forget their splendours (Dargilan, Aven Armand, Abîme of Bramabiau).

- The villages of the Knights Templar and Hospitaller on the Larzac plateau (La Couvertoirade, Ste-Eulalie, La Cavalerie).

-The Grands Causses with their execeptionally rich flora and fauna.

- Montpellier le Vieux, a chaos of natural rocks with unexpected shapes.

- The Gorges of the Tarn, the Jonte and the Dourbie.

- The Roquefort region with its natural cellars and its prestigious cheese.

- The archaeological site of the Graufesenque.

- And many other things… without forgetting of course the famous Millau viaduct, the highest in the world, which integrates high technology into a region of traditions.